Healthcare is life.

For PCS, we want to make it easier for your customers to have a better quality of life. In a highly regulatory environment PCS helps our clients through end-to-end BPO services.PCS value proposition on Healthcare processes clearly articulates the strategy for revenue enhancement, reducing fixed costs and overheads for clients.

We have a seasoned management team with vast experience in providing Healthcare offshore solution to clients across Fortune 500 companies. Our solutions offer a strong value proposition for clients interested in leveraging Philippines as a strategic source for healthcare service providers. Our frontline staff for Healthcare functions can range from language graduates to specialized skill sets like Medical nurses & practitioners.

Some of the services that PCS can provide in this space:


     Insurance plan building

     Plan testing

     Product testing

     Up-sell and cross sell of insurance plans and products


     Data entry claims

     Benefits coordination

     Claims resolution

     ECHS Claims

     Provider detail verification


      Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) – Medical, Hospital & Dental claims

     Traditional PPO – Medical, Hospital & Dental claims

     Claims adjudication

     Workers compensation

Backend Support

      Overpayment recovery

     Medical claims management

     Patient management

     Provider correspondence

     Member correspondence

     Handling member queries

     Help desk

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