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Ongoing learning and development is essential for the health and sustainability of any organization. At One World Connections, we are committed to developing our associates and offering a wide range of opportunities for them to build on existing technical, management and leadership skills for further growth.

Learning and development initiatives align with and support our values framework and are an essential component of being a values-based organization. Through these initiatives One World Connections aims to assist our associates in reaching their full potential, to improve the quality of our outputs, to create opportunities for our associates and for the organization, and to increase levels of retention through further enhancing the work experience.

By offering both formal and informal learning and development programs, our associates have access to a range of professional development opportunities. Formal elements comprise learning and development programs that include:

Induction- New Joiner Orientation

New joiner orientation is the first step in the introduction to our network. The orientation provides them with the knowledge to launch their career at One World Connections. Part of the program is to undergo a pre- process and process – specific training which equips our associates with the essentials : soft skills, communication and technical know how.

Continuous Associate Development Program

This program aims to assist our associates in their growth and development in the company. It also includes training needs analysis wherein associates and their respective superiors are asked to identify areas that require further training to build a more efficient, effective and cohesive teams. Developing our associates’ greater sense of self-worth, dignity and well being is incorporated in this curriculum to ensure an increase sense of satisfaction through the fulfillment of personal and professional goals.

Associate Engagement Interventions – The Different Way

We engage our associates by involving them in workshops that are based on out of the box concepts. This can be facilitated by our associates themselves, It comprises a multiple intelligence approach that reaches out to all types of learners. It helps our associates enhance the following – building rapport, creativity, confidence, discovery of talent, team spirit, excitement, stress management and work-life balance.

Leadership Program

One World Connections recognizes leaders through a number of personal attributes such as self awareness, self management, social awareness and social interactive skills that impact an individual leader’s effectiveness on a team, then develop those traits for the betterment of the team’s function.

Our Leadership program has two stages:

First, we work with our existing leaders and first time leaders to develop the skills required to effectively lead their respective teams. We work accordingly with our leaders so they distinguish the skills and attributes that are important in a leadership position. Through this process, they learn to recognize their own strengths and opportunities for improvement.

Second, we support our leaders to develop the tools required to create their own leadership style which they then adapt to specific situations. Each of our leaders builds their own “personal development plan” to help ensure that behavioral changes occur following the training program. This presents maximum benefit to the team leader, the team and the company.

One World Connections training programs focus on enhancing individual strengths and using those strengths for the success of the whole team, thus our team building exercises focus on developing team synergy to optimize the entire team’s performance.

We do this by first training our leaders how great teams are built. We:

      Identify and develop leadership roles and skills such as delegation and performance management

     Analyze team members’ strengths, weaknesses and potential

     Structure a plan of action for high performance, including setting SMARTER goals, communicating leader expectations, the role of both control and feedback for individual team members, understanding how to meet the needs of the parts ( the individuals ) to meet the needs of the overall group.

     Develop the skills needed to implement the action plan

Essential to team building is the development of the individual leadership skills and a respect for those in authority. We define the role of the leader and work with leadership candidates to enhance the following :


     Mindset and attitude

     Creative Problem Solving


     Management of team members, emphasizing the effect of the part of the whole

     Crisis and conflict Management

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