Corporate Responsibility

All employees of PCS harbor a strong and passionate belief in making a positive difference to the communities in which we operate. We firmly believe that as a responsible Corporate Citizen, we will:

Demonstrate financial and personal commitment to bring about real and positive change in the community

 Advocate the promotion of children’s education, primary healthcare and the social upliftment of fellow members of our local community

 Recruit, train and develop a local workforce to grow our organization and create job opportunities

 Be environmentally conscious and observe the letter and spirit of prevailing laws of the land

 Encourage our employees to actively participate in local community activities which support the needy, underprivileged or marginalized members of our community.

All members of the PCS team strive to uphold, abide by, and live the values of the values of our organization. We believe that our values reflect our desire to be responsible corporate citizens and members of our community. It is our fervent desire to meaningfully repay to society, the benefits that we are fortunate enough to enjoy.

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